LASIK Pricing

Our Lowest-Priced LASIK

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the FDA approval of LASIK vision correction! The team at Palmetto Eye & Laser Center is celebrating by lowering our everyday price for blade-free, custom LASIK.

In fact, our new pricing structure makes us the most affordable LASIK provider in the area!

Our Lower Price Does NOT Mean Lower Quality

Every patient that decides to pursue life-changing vision correction with us will receive blade-free, custom LASIK performed by Dr. Billy J. Haguewood. Everything about our LASIK process remains the same. We were the first private practice in South Carolina and surrounding states to offer WaveLight® Laser Suite technology for LASIK. This means we use lasers for every step of the LASIK process: from the creation of the corneal flap (WaveLight® FS200 femtosecond laser) to the corneal reshaping (WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser system).

By offering the lowest priced – but highest quality – LASIK in our area, we are giving more people in our community the opportunity to achieve clear vision.

Our price includes:

  • Blade-free, custom LASIK vision correction
  • Surgery and all pre- and post-op appointments with Dr. Billy J. Haguewood
  • Pre- and post-op eye drops ($400 value)
  • Lifetime enhancement policy (if a vision touch-up is ever needed)

Did You Know You Can Finance LASIK?

If you qualify for LASIK financing, you can have the procedure now and have 0% interest until the year 2020.

  • No money down
  • Low monthly payments
  • No pre-payment penalties

Free LASIK Consultation

To find out if your eyes are right for LASIK, we ask that you schedule a free LASIK Consultation with our team. We will assess your vision and determine if this is a safe procedure for you. You will also learn exactly how much LASIK will cost and other affordability options.


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